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 I have been fascinated with photography most of my life.  My first camera was a Kodak Instamatic, one of the 126 cartridge cameras.  Then I had a 110 camera, one of the thin little cameras that had the tiny little negatives and not so great photographs.  I even tried the disk camera.  Remember that one?  Even tinier negatives and worse photos.  Then, finally I got my hands on 35mm.  It was a Yashica rangefinder 35mm camera.  I discovered with this camera that I had an eye for photographic work.  Despite the camera's limitations, I was taking quite nice photographs.  I later moved up to a Ricoh SLR 35mm camera.  My first "real" camera.  It was wonderful.  I took rolls and rolls of film.  I passed it down to my son when I acquired what I had long thought of as the "holy grail of cameras", a Nikon.  I've never gotten quite as familiar with the Nikon as I was with the Ricoh, mainly because as I was starting this new camera relationship, digital cameras were fast replacing film cameras.  Long gone are the long aisles of film of many different brands and ISO's.   I started working with digital.  A bit snobby at first, but as the quality of the digital images increased, the more I appreciated the convenience of downloading a memory card to my computer as opposed to taking film to be developed (and paying the ever increasing rates).  I am a stolid convert now.  And I am, with this site attempting to make my photographs known to those who would appreciate them and to those who would desire my services as a photographer.